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Wood Projects at Home

Easy woodworking projects, you say? Then, here are some simple woodworking ideas we promise you won’t back down from!RELATED: 10 Surprisingly Easy Wood Projects For BeginnersIn this article:DIY SawhorseDIY Hanging PlanterPallet Wood Wall ArtGlowing TableAmazingly Easy DIY Metal Pipe TableDIY Utensil OrganizerDIY Wooden Clothes Rack in Under 15 MinutesDIY Circle Wood ShelfMinimal X-Shaped CoastersDIY Office Supply TrayDIY Holder for Wine Bottle and GlassesWooden BookendsRustic Hook DecorDIY X-Brace BenchTiered Garden ShelfDIY Wooden SpoonCute Side TableDIY Bottle VaseDIY Bottle OpenerEasy DIY BirdhouseDIY Wood Cutting BoardDIY Headboard and BedframeEasy Woodworking Projects for Beginners and DIY Junkies1. DIY SawhorseThis DIY sawhorse will be very helpful to you if you don’t own a ShopBot Buddy.

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A sawhorse always comes in handy especially if you have more easy woodworking projects in the future.Sawhorse Definition: a frame that supports and stabilizes wood pieces during sawingBut, before you get started on this woodworking project, get one of these extension cords with built-in outlets for your power tools!2. DIY Hanging PlanterHanging planters are a hit nowadays so don’t let this opportunity of building your own DIY hanging planter pass! You have to learn how to work a jigsaw, though.You can also make this stunning planter to hang in your home.

Either hang it above your coffee table or put in flowers as a Valentine’s Day gift.3. Pallet Wood Wall ArtYou can display tons of wooden wall art in your home, yet never get enough of it. Then you can also buy popular woodworking wall art but customized projects are just the best.That’s because free woodworking gifts are much more sentimental. So if you want to try your hand at making these easy woodworking projects, this pallet wood sign tutorial will guide you.4. Glowing TableThere’s actually no chemical equations nor magic for this luminescent table. In fact, it’s just plain woodworking and some glow in the dark paint!Your kids will love this amazing glowing table, indeed.5. Amazingly Easy DIY Metal Pipe TableIf you like rustic, then you’ll love how the industrial design of this DIY metal pipe table will complement your home. The rugged appeal of a wooden table will capture your heart, too.But best of all, it’s so easy to build, as well!Make wood look rustic & aged with this easy tutorial: http://t.co/p6ZfijT5ZI #DIY #woodprojects pic.twitter.com/SEVj2l9prv— DIY Projects (@DIYProjectsCom) June 14, 20156. DIY Utensil OrganizerThis wooden DIY utensil organizer will look great in your kitchen, too! If you have some scrap wood in your home, then you can use it to build your kid’s personal art kit organizer.You can also build it on top of their study table. One-board easy woodworking projects like these are very useful, indeed!7. DIY Wooden Clothes Rack in Under 15 MinutesThis fast and easy woodworking project will give you more space for your clothes, indeed. It also only takes 15 minutes on your cutting board to build this project.This simple DIY wooden rack can also be your kids’ go-to coat hanger to keep their jackets off the furniture.8. DIY Circle Wood ShelfThis design is oh-so-classy and beautiful. In fact, it’s also one of the finest and easy woodworking projects you’ll want to build today!You can display potted flowers, a cute clock, and a couple of picture frames on this DIY circular wood shelf.It’s also effortlessly beautiful and easy to build!

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So if you’re also looking for Mother’s Day crafts, you can include this on your list.9. Minimal X-Shaped CoastersThere’s not going to be a woodworking project as easy as this one since it’s so straightforward! Do yourself a favor and make these chic X-shaped coasters because it will come in handy when you don’t want to worry about your wooden furniture around guests.Coaster Definition: A flat piece of material (often wood) used as a barrier between beverages and the table, to prevent condensation from damaging the surface. Coasters can be made in different shapes, designs, and sizes.10. DIY Office Supply TrayHaving a hard time finding your office supplies? Then, put them all in one place with this great DIY organizer.Here’s the catch – you don’t need a router table or blades bandsaw for this simple project. You won’t even break a sweat, too!Accent it with some classy vintage knobs and pulls and you won’t only have a functional tray but a stylish one, as well.11. DIY Holder for Wine Bottle and GlassesHere’s a DIY craft project for the wine lovers out there. Make this DIY wine glass holder and bring your wine bottle and glasses wherever the party is.All you need are a few woodworking tools and some scrap wood.RELATED: 15 DIY Garden Wood Projects To Boost Your Property Value On A Budget12. Wooden BookendsThese easy woodworking projects are very unique, yet stylish at the same time. If you have reclaimed wood at home, then this is a good project to take on.Add these DIY wooden bookends to your room, and let it be the accent piece your table or bookshelf deserves, indeed.13. Rustic Hook DecorCreate a rustic hook that doubles as home decor and a functional spot to hang stuff. Everything from belts and bags to accessories will fit right in, indeed.You can’t have enough similar wooden hooks because they’re very useful for keeping your clothes and bags off the floor.14. DIY X-Brace BenchThis DIY X-brace bench is just too gorgeous not to try to build. It does look a bit intimidating, but this bench will look so good in your backyard – it’s worth it!It’s like having your own picnic table outdoors, too.15. Tiered Garden ShelfIf you love gardening, you’ll love this easy woodworking project. You can build your own tiered garden shelf and use it as your planter box or maybe your potting tool organizer, too.16. DIY Wooden SpoonYou’ll never run out of wooden spoons once you’ve learned this simple woodcraft. They make great cooking tools as well as excellent personalized gifts to friends and family any time of year.17. Cute Side TableHave you been looking for a side table that won’t cost you much, but can still make a statement in your living room? This curvy side table is adorably cute, plus it will only cost you $12 to build!18. DIY Bottle VaseDo a little upcycling while you’re on a DIY project as a good DIY junkie does. So, build this simple DIY wood project and repurpose old bottles into adorable vases.A wooden vase holder adds rustic charm to your home, indeed!19. DIY Bottle OpenerThis is a cool, simple project to do for the outdoors or for those who actually have a man cave. This DIY wooden bottle opener makes opening bottles a lot easier, plus, it catches the bottle caps, as well.20. Easy DIY BirdhouseIntroduce the kids to woodworking with this easy birdhouse project and have them help out with painting the birdhouse, too. You don’t need to have birds to recreate this project; they also work well as simple home decor!21. DIY Wood Cutting BoardChopping boards easily wear off, but most of the time you’ll just buy new ones. That’s a shame because chopping boards are some of the easiest woodworking projects you can make.So if you have any leftover wood, you’ll find it best to make new DIY wood cutting boards instead of buying them!

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22. DIY Headboard and BedframeIf you’re up for a DIY challenge, try this DIY headboard and bed frame. It’s quite a DIY challenge alright, but not as complicated as it seems.In fact, its one of the easy weekend wood projects that’ll pump up your DIY drive – it’ll push you further. You can also make it a bonding project for Father’s Day, or even Mother’s Day!Want more easy woodworking projects? Then watch this video from Jack Houweling for 5 more:Now you know woodworking isn’t so hard after all since these easy woodworking projects just proved that. Even a woodworking beginner can put these projects into action, easy.So head off to your workroom and get these easy woodworking projects going!Which easy woodworking projects are you trying this weekend, finally? Let us know below in the comments section below!Up Next:8 DIY Hacks To Make Your Woodworking Projects EasierWhat Wood Would Work? [Infographic]7 Tips for Making Delicious Tea-Centered Cocktails | Easy Cocktail Recipes Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 29, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.